The World RC Invitational at Moses Lake

Come see some of the best RC pilots in the world perform in this invitational event, taking place as a part of the Moses Lake Airshow! The World RC Invitational at Moses Lake is officially sanctioned by the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).

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Meet The Pilots

About the RC Invitational - Photo of runway and/or tarmac with various different types of remote controlled aircraft. For additional information follow the adjacent link.


Radio Controlled aerobatic demonstrations are a sight to behold.  RC pilots dedicate an incredible amount of time designing and practicing with these incredible aircraft to put on a breathtaking show for fans.

We believe our attendees who've never experienced it are going to fall in love, and that existing RC fans are going to travel far and wide for this spectacular addition to our show.  This is why we are thrilled to announce The World Invitational at Moses Lake.

We've invited some of the very best aircraft and pilots flying in the RC world to participate in this unique addition to the Moses Lake Airshow.  This full demonstration of special aerobatic talent will be included with your Airshow ticket!

Flight Schedule

Saturday 10am - 12pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm

RC airplanes on the tarmac/runway while pilots prepare in the background

7810 Andrews St NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837, United States

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