We are proud to host this event in a location with such a rich aviation history, and have already started to build an important history for this event within just a few years. Below are some details about how the Moses Lake Airshow has progressed since its inception in 2019.

The Beginning

The Moses Lake Airshow was created to help develop awareness of the exceptional community and tourism surrounding Moses Lake, Washington. Situated in the midst of the Grant County International Airport, one of the largest airfields in the United States, Moses Lake is filled with incredible aviation history.

The first show was held June 14 & 15, 2019, and it proudly featured aviation legends such as Vicky Benzing, Mini Jet Airshows, Alpha Jet, The Rock N Roll Airshow Man (Will Allen), Ken Hildebrandt, the United States Army Parachute Team (The Golden Knights), and Yellow Thunder.

After a successful first year, we took all the lessons we learned and moved forward with planning a second show - this time with all new branding.

The Logo

Our Moses Lake Airshow logo was created to celebrate the local and international history of the community, as well as our military and civilian connections.

The wings are a nod to the military heritage of our hosts - the Port of Moses Lake. The fire-breathing dragon in the center represents the lake itself, which is shaped like a lithe - magical creature of the Far East.

Moses Lake Air Show Logo

2020 Cancelled

Although a lot of hard work went into planning for 2020, it needed to be cancelled due to COVID-19, as did almost all other airshows around the country.

We're happy to say the show did go on. 2021 saw a hybrid return, with both normal gate attendance, as well as Drive-In parking spots for people to watch from their own private space on the grounds.

Alex Harvill

Alex Harvill

Unfortunately, the 2021 show began with a tragic event. As a part of the show, hometown hero and renowned daredevil Alex Harvill was attempting to break a world record for longest motorcycle jump from a ramp. During a practice on the first day of the airshow - the same day the official attempt was to take place - Alex had a crash landing that resulted in his death. This was obviously an incredibly upsetting event, most of all to his wife and two children.

After a great deal of discussion, it was decided for the show to go on, but not in spite of Alex - because of him. He was and continues to be an inspiration to many throughout our community and well beyond. His sense of adventure lives on in our hearts as we try to carry his spirit on for generations to come.

2021 Airshow

Our team for the Moses Lake Air Show is nothing if not adaptable. For months leading up to the event, we planned for a fully drive-in show in order to comply with the current COVID guidelines. People would purchase spaces to park and watch the show from their designated area.

Just over a month before show date, the COVID restrictions from the state were changed in a way that would allow for more inclusive live event experiences.

Our team quickly adjusted course to create a hybrid show. The drive-in experience would still be available, but a more standard experience of being free to walk about the grounds and participate more in the show also became available.

Despite the tight turns in planning, the show made a successful return and was enjoyed by thousands of attendees from both Central Washington and well beyond.


2022 & 2023

Moses Lake Airshow (2

The 2022 and 2023 Moses Lake Airshows showed that what was being built throughout the ups and downs of its beginnings is a sustainable and desired event that is set up for success for many years to come.

Each year of the show has seen it grow from the year before, and a consistent throughline of that growth is how far our fans are willing to travel. We have completely flipped the typical airshow demo on its head. Most shows see a large portion of the fanbase coming from within 50 miles of the event. At the Moses Lake Airshow, the larger portion of our attendees travel over 50 miles to get here!

A particularly exciting addition came to fruition at the 2023 show when - with the help of Advanced Excavation and Inland Tarp & Liner - we added a dedicated runway for RC Demonstrations! This proved to be very popular with our existing fanbase, and is sure to attract an even bigger crowd in 2024, as we will bring in some of the top RC planes and pilots on the circuit to show off their skills in Moses Lake!


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