Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 2024 Acts be performing on all days? 

All of our performers are scheduled to go both days, but this is subject to change. 

Please note that we are not responsible for the coming and going of military planes. If the Military needs to leave early with their aircraft, we are in no position to deny this request. We are very grateful for the presence of the US Military at our 2024 Moses Lake Airshow.

Why won't there be any alcohol involved? 

The Moses Lake International Airport is a secure working facility for government, military and civilian organizations who have hundreds of aircraft parked everywhere.  Because thousands of airshow attendees must drive their personal vehicles between these multimillion-dollar aircraft on their way to/from the airshow site, our insurance underwriters forbid us to allow alcohol consumption at the airshow.

We ask that our attendees please honor this policy, as airport security will have the ability to expel offenders or shut our show down if crowds refuse to comply.

Will there be onsite food? 

YES... multiple food trucks will be there.

You are welcome to bring your own food but ask that you pick up and dispose of your trash. However, no open flame cooking/BBQ grills are allowed.

Do we have a schedule yet for this year's Airshow? 

Gates Open - 7:30am

National STOL Series - 8am-10:30am

The World RC Invitational - 10:30am-12pm

Opening Ceremonies - 12pm-12:30pm

Performances - 12:30pm-4pm

Gates Close - 6pm

*Schedule is subject to change

Is there a show grounds map available? 

Yes, that can be found by CLICKING HERE

Can I bring my trailer, RV or motor home?

Please note that due to spacing limitations, we will not be accepting any Motor Homes, RV’s or Trailers at this year’s Moses Lake Airshow. We simply just don't have the space this year, but we hope to be more accommodating to all vehicle types at future airshows.

What should I bring? 

The most important thing is that you stay hydrated and cool during your fun day at the airshow.

Make sure you bring:

  1. Water or some cool soft drinks (non-alcoholic) for you and your friends/family.
  1. Snacks (there will be on-site food, but we encourage you to bring your own snacks! No BBQ's or Grills allowed)
  1. A hat, sunglasses & sunscreen!
  1. If you are walking in, please consider bringing a Lawn Chair, Cushion or Picnic Blanket as we will not have seating available. You are allowed to bring fold-up chairs (we just ask no tents, pop ups, beach umbrellas, etc. due to them becoming hazards in high winds). You may bring a personal umbrella if you can secure it to your wrist.
  1. Binoculars (Don't miss out on the action!)
  1. A camera - make some memories with your family and share with us @moseslakeairshow





Can I bring my dog? 

While we do allow service dogs, we no longer allow pets at the Moses Lake Airshow, which is situated on 35 acres of paved with cement & blacktop ground temperatures that will exceed 110 degrees in June. Burned paws are not fun! There is no dirt/grass for your pet to go to the bathroom. There is no shade or water for your pet. Our aircraft are loud.... REALLY... REALLY.... LOUD!!! And dogs on leashes go wild. Which isn’t good in large crowds with small children. We know you love your dog, but please leave him/her at home where they can be safe and happy.

Planning on Flying In on your personal aircraft? Expand

The Moses Lake Airshow (MLAS) is happy to welcome Fly-in traffic for the Airshow Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th. Learn more by clicking HERE

I have purchased a General Admission ticket, anything I should know? 

We encourage General Admission ticket holders to bring:

  1. A lawn chair, cushion or picnic blanket to ensure their comfortability during this year's airshow (we just ask no tents, pop ups, beach umbrellas, etc. due to them becoming hazards in high winds). You may bring a personal umbrella if you can secure it to your wrist.
  1. Please bring water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and any other necessary items to keep you protected from the sun and the heat.
  1. Binoculars! Don't miss out on the action.
  1. Your phone or camera! We want to see your highlights from this year's airshow! Please share with us @moseslakeairshow on Facebook or Instagram.

When will the Gates be opening on June 15 and 16? 

Our gates open at 7:30 AM (PST) on both days.

What days are my tickets good for?

All tickets are day specific. Please look to see which day you have purchased for.

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