General Aviation Fly-In

Auxiliary & FBO Parking

(Regular price ticket)

Flying in but NOT parking my aircraft at the show requires:

  • I will fly in while airspace is open (before 1100)
  • I will park at an FBO on the south ramp
  • Ramp/parking fees have been waived for airshow days but a fuel purchase would be appreciated
  • I will have proof of ticket purchase with me
  • Upon providing ticket(s), shuttle service will be provided for me and my passengers to enter the airshow grounds.
  • When I wish to return to my aircraft or campground, I will hail a shuttle to take me back

Airshow Ramp Parking

(25% discount tickets)

Flying in and being right by the show requires:

  • I will fly in and taxi to the dedicated Fly-in Parking area by 0930 so as to be in position before show opening (MWH Runway 4 at Taxiway C)
  • I will have proof of Fly-in ticket (25% discount) with me for everyone in the aircraft
  • I understand the aircraft must stay in position until after 1700
  • I decide how close guests can come to the aircraft and understand it is up to me to make it clear in a friendly way
  • While I don’t have to stay with the aircraft constantly, I understand I am an Ambassador of Aviation while at the show and will encourage positive interaction with attendees
  • PERK (e.g. pancake breakfast in the morning 0800-0900)

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